7 Possible complications of wisdom teeth removal

7 Possible complications of wisdom teeth removal


 wisdom teeth removal complications 


Life is so unfair. One, get wisdom tooth extraction, pay for it and then face its weird complications,

It’s Painful but as put by wise there is no pleasure without experiencing the pain.


 Wisdom teeth removal complications: 

Like all forms of surgery, wisdom teeth extraction surgery carries the risk of potential complications. 


Some of these potential complications are quite rare, while others are very common. 


In general, wisdom teeth extraction is considered a very safe surgical procedure, if it is carried out by a professional dentist or oral surgeon.


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Most of the patients undergo the wisdom tooth extraction to remove the infected wisdom tooth.


As I promised that I will share 7 Possible wisdom teeth removal complication with you guys so here are the possible complications that can result from wisdom teeth removal:


 7 Possible wisdom teeth removal complication 

Complication of wisddom teeth removal


  1. Dry socket
  2. Jaw fracture 
  3. Air embolism
  4. Wisdom teeth Infection
  5. Sinus wall perforation, 
  6. Tooth nerve damage
  7. Discoloration of the face
  8. Point tenderness
  9. Pain and discomfort


These are the most common side effects and complications of having wisdom tooth extraction surgery.



As many as 50% of people who have wisdom teeth extraction surgery performed will experience these symptoms.



In general, these symptoms will be present for about 48 hours after surgery and the majority of patients that reported having such symptoms did not say that they were overly serious or painful. 



If these symptoms, especially swelling and pain, do not dissipate after 48 hours or so, they could be a sign of infection.


 Dry Socket (The most common of the wisdom teeth removal complications) 



The Dry socket or Alveolar osteitis is an extremely painful condition that occurs if the blood fails to clot over the extraction site or if the blood clot is removed somehow and is not replaced by another blood clot.



You usually will not know if you have developed a dry socket until about the third day after the procedure.


 Signs & Symptoms of dry socket 

  1. Pain moderate to severe
  2. Seen after 3-4 days of surgery
  3. Exposed bone in the socket


A dry socket must be treated by your dentist, so if you experience intense pain by the third day after the procedure, you should consult your dentist immediately.



Don’t be confused with dry socket and infection, they are totally different conditions.


 Excessive bleeding 

excessive bleeding

Any time a surgery is performed to remove a tooth there will be bleeding involved and this bleeding will usually stop on its own after about six hours.



In very rare cases, patients may experience serious blood loss after the six-hour period is over.



If severe blood loss occurs, the patient should seek immediate medical attention. 



Many patients will experience occasional bleeding during the several days of recovery, but this bleeding is usually very minor and the result of tearing or harming the wound.


 Wisdom tooth removal infection 


Next on the list of wisdom tooth removal complications is infection.



Wisdom tooth removal infection would be the next most common complication.



Since most people do not require stitches after the procedure is completed, the wound is left open. When a wound is left open, it is more prone to collecting germs and bacteria and developing an infection.


 Symptoms of wisdom tooth removal infection 

  1. Fever
  2. Pain
  3. Swelling
  4. Pus formation
  5. Bad taste



Although swelling and pain after wisdom tooth removal is normal occurrences but if these symptoms remain and get worse after 48 hours of surgery, you need to contact your dentist for treatment.


 Trismus or difficulty in opening the mouth 

Trismus-difficulty-in-opening-of mouth

Some patients will experience difficulty in opening of their mouth as wide as they are used to after having their wisdom teeth removed. 



Some possible causes for this can include an injury to the pterygoid muscle by a needle, 



having the patient’s mouth stretched for too long during the surgery, hematomas, inflammation, and swelling. 



This trismus is usually temporary and will go away on its own after a few days.


 Mouth-Sinus Holes or Sinus Wall Perforation 

Sinus structure

Occasionally, when the upper wisdom teeth are removed they can create a hole leading into the sinus cavity.



A material called gelfoam is usually used to block the hole and help prevent infections. If an infection occurs in the sinus cavity, it may require additional surgery.


 The least common wisdom tooth removal complications: 


Are jaw fracture, discoloration of the face, tooth nerve damage, sinus wall perforation, and air embolism. The first three things should be self-explanatory, their name says everything. 



Sinus wall perforation is already explained above, we’ll discuss only air embolism here.



An air embolism means a gas bubble, however, is more serious. 



An air embolism occurs when air and pressurized water make a bubble that becomes trapped into the veins from the jaw and this can lead to heart attack and even death.



This is a very rare complication, but if you experience any loss of consciousness, low blood pressure or you have any blue discoloration of the skin after your tooth extraction,



you should seek treatment at the emergency room immediately just to be safe.


 Prevention From Wisdom teeth removal complications 


Precautions are always better than restrictions. right?



As a dentist it’s our prime duty to guide patient of taking safety measures after wisdom teeth removal surgery then now it depends on patient how 



those who don’t follow who will sleep again on the dental chair with any of the complications that we discussed above.



The key to not developing several of these complications is to do exactly as your dentist instructs after the procedure.



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Hope this article wisdom tooth removal complications remained helpful to you,



Thanks for reading and giving your precious time.


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