Are © you suffering from ulcer and become tired of taking medicines? If Yes, then you’re at the right place because I’m going to give you a practical explanation of this topic! Cabbage juice for ulcer reviews in a way, as my grandmother experienced, and I will also explain how she healed her ulcer naturally.

There is a saying that, “Half knowledge is even more dangerous than any disease” so before jumping to cabbage juice for ulcer reviews you need to understand some basic things first.

If you think you’re aware of all these basic knowledge you can simply skip them to read the review section directly.

Red cabbage and green cabbage


Hey, I’m Dr. Sooraj Kumar author of this blog. Being a medical student, topics like this are quite normal to us. dealing with ulcer patients is part of my work apart from this I have also seen my grandmother getting out of this disease using natural tricks so invest your few minutes here and read this amazing review completely and carefully your all queries will be solved.

                                             WHAT IS ULCER?

What is ulcer

The Word ulcer means sore or damaged area inside or outside the body means this break Can be in your skin or mucous membrane.

let’s understand it with an example:

If there is a wound in the stomach, we will call it the peptic ulcer.

If there is a wound in an Artery, we’ll call it an Arterial ulcer, and If there is a wound in the duodenum, We’ll call it a duodenal ulcer. (the area between stomach and intestine).

                                            CAUSES OF ULCER

Causes of ulcer

There are uncountable causes of Ulcer, but here we only discuss the important one:

1) H pylori: The most common cause of the ulcer, H pylori is a kind of bacteria mostly found in water more specifically impure water.

2) Smoking and Drinking

3) Medicines: Those who take more medicine have more chances to get ulcers.

Examples of medicine are NSAIDs (Aspirin, disprin, paracetamol, ETC)

4) Stress: The biggest factor, Why most people don’t get ulcers despite doing a lot of smoking and drinking, taking a bunch of medicines? The answer is simple: those who have Stress and anxiety are more prone to an ulcer.

5) Vitamin B12: deficiency of this essential hormone is also an important cause of Ulcers.

Deficiency of vitamin B12 Can change the Integrity of the mucus membrane and cause blisters in your mouth, throat, stomach, and in the intestine that we call ulcer.

6) Unhealthy and Oily food


Ulcer, Gas, Indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux disease, don’t be confused & Mix them they all are different things, but they are nearer in many properties.


How does ulcer happen?

As you can see below in the picture there is a lining that covers all your stomach from inside called a mucous membrane. Its most important function is to prevent stomach flesh from being digested by its own produced acid.

There are so many Acid-producing channels are present in the stomach and they are responsible for the production of acid called HCL (Hydrochloric acid).

structure of stomach

Typically, It is produced to kill germs that are present in the food and help the body digest, breakdown, and absorb nutrients from such as fat, protein, carbohydrate from food, and there are so many other functions too.

But sometimes for various reasons that the same acid HCL digest part of a mucus membrane and cause an ulcer.



I know you’re in hurry to read Cabbage juice for the ulcer reviews section, Waiting has its own pleasure, so read it completely you’ll never need to read any article about cabbage juice, so let’s start:

Cabbage is one of the best foods around, it can be used as a meal or alternative medicine. Cabbage has been used for many centuries for It’s healing properties.

Being a member of the cruciferous family Cabbage is rich in lots of antioxidants and minerals that are needed for our bodies to be healthy.

It also contains high amounts of vitamin C and K, Cabbage is especially great for people with anemia because it is a natural antiseptic (a substance that heals disease),

Cabbage is useful in the restoration of vital minerals and vitamins one may lose throughout their days because these minerals and vitamins can speed up the process of healing and curing.

Cabbage juice health benefits:

Cabbage juice health benefits, don’t forget these words they can change your lifestyle if taken seriously.

Cabbage (Juice) can treat many minor illnesses, hangovers, chronic coughing problems, and even inflammation of the ear. It has diuretic properties means it can extract fluid from cells to lubricate the digestive system that allows it to act as a natural laxative(a substance that increases your digestive activities) as well.

cabbage juice health benefits

It can even subdue stomach ulcers! Due to its high sulfur, chlorine, and iodine content cabbage has no disadvantage in cleaning the mucus membranes, you can also use it on a normal routine.

Cabbage juice is also excellent for people who suffer from hearing loss, calcium deficiency, and so many more.

It is even promoted as a way to prevent cancer! Because it contains a compound called sulforaphane that helps and protects cells from the invasion of carcinogens(cancer-causing substances are called carcinogen). Daily consumption of cabbage juice is extremely effective in preventing and treating cancers found in the breast, colon, liver, lungs, and ovaries.

You can even use cabbage juice as a way to lose weight due to the presence of substances that can inhibit the conversion of sugar to fat because this conversion is a major cause of gaining weight, reducing this means reducing the weight.

Cabbage juice is exceedingly nutritional as you can see and it is also very simple to make this here’s how:

Cabbage juice recipe for ulcers:

Cabbage juice recipe for ulcers:

You will need a juicer, cabbage, and apple cider vinegar. Soak the cabbage in warm water and splash a bit of the apple cider vinegar onto it.

Using a knife chop the stem of the cabbage and slice the cabbage in half. Make sure the slice is full enough to fit into your juicer well.

Place half of the cabbage in your juicer and by all means juice it. You can do the other half now or put it up for later whichever, you would rather do.

Then, Drink up! While it may taste strong at first, this juice will help you in more ways than you can count.

How much cabbage juice a day for ulcers?

It is prescribed by the nutritionist that drinking two glass of cabbage juice in a day is quite enough to heal any kind of ulcer related to the digestive tract whether it is a peptic ulcer, a duodenal ulcer, esophageal ulcer, ETC.

Suggestion: It tests a little unpleasant but I would suggest you drink it alone without adding any other sweetening fruit on a regular basis.

Should I drink cabbage juice on an empty stomach?

YES, If you take it on an empty stomach you’ll found more profound effects.

Cabbage juice for ulcer reviews:

Cabbage juice recipe for ulcers:

My grandmother was 73 years old when she suddenly gets a burning sensation in the middle of the chest, but she ignored and ask us for acidity medicine to suppress that sensation.

That medicine was an acid channel blocker as I mentioned above there are so many channels in the inner lining of the stomach to produce acid, By blocking those channels you can temporarily suppress the pain and burning sensation but it has its own side-effects too.

After 5 days grandmother again complained about the same burning sensation, but this time with pain then we got an alert and fixed appointment with aThe Gastrologist (Doctor of GIT).

In meeting with the doctor we were prescribed to go for an ultrasound first and then the ultrasound result found peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer as a cause, so those symptoms of burning sensation and pain were because of ulcer.

Other symptoms she had:

Blood in vomiting and stools, High Fever, Weight loss because of eating less, and few more.

From then grandmother was on medication for the next 3 weeks but her ulcer seems incurable because of old age and stress, so then we again consulted the doctor, for this time he suggested us to make some remedial changes in her life.

On following his prescription we made few homely changes like eating more fruits and green vegetables and providing appropriate vitamin B12, and then we started cabbage juice, the gift.

you won’t believe me her ulcer had cured in just 10 days, it might be looking a joke to you but trust me cabbage juice is not less than a blessing for ulcer patients.

Because my grandmother benefited so I decided to write an article on this amazing topic of cabbage juice for ulcer reviews so everyone can get motivated to use this adorable natural remedy.

It is my wish that it founds you as healthful as to my grandmother.

Please type your feedback, or queries in the comment section, the only reward I expect from this blog.

Hope this blog cabbage juice for ulcer reviews remained helpful to you, Thanks for reading and giving your precious time.

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